Commonly physical visits of utility agents required for taking readings from residential water meters. The absence of systematic consumption monitoring leads to the inability to understand consumers behavior and consumption patterns fully. Besides problems concerned with fraudulent usage and fast leak identification are challenging to the utility companies.

The advantages of the remote water meter monitoring for the utility are well -found by the example of remote electric meter reading.The main benefits of the smart water system are the provision of accurate and regular readings to the centralized metering application, freed -up personnel and avoiding a human factor from the data collection, processing, and billing. Additional profit is introduced by the quickly leaks identification wich allows to prevent substantial water losses or property damages.


One of the most significant barriers to the adoption of advanced water metering systems is the high cost of deployment and the unsuitability of traditional communications systems.

Combining loT concept with LPWAN communication technology to get over the difficulties and developed integrated solutions for automated metering infrastructure. We offer state of the art metering cost-effective solution with extraordinary scalability.

Deploy smart metering in the wide
 fast and easily


loT can connect integrated plug -and -play water meters or installed residential meters inexpensively via its rugged universal modem interface. It gives to utility companies the ability to create a reliable, secure advanced water metering platform that either connects into ‘loTs cloud -based application or into their own or third -party software for the monitoring and analysis of data flows.

No matter how many meters do utility want to monitor — 100 or 100 000. Just plug loT smart water meters and watch all readings online in loT cloud platform.loT team worked hard to deliver reliable user-friendly solution able to receive signal within 16+ km in urban area with no repeaters or mesh topology.

loT smart meters transmit readings to the utility control panel via loT wireless network. One base station receives and process signals from hundreds of thousandth devices spread out within the city area.

Smart Water Meter

  • Smart plug and play water meter ready to transmit readings as soon as it is      installed.
  • specially designed for private residential and office building water metering.
  • registers water consumption and transmit readings every day autonomously for      10 years.
  • Installation procedure is simple as for standard water meter and can be      performed by any technician.

Watch all readings in the Cloud

Monitor reading online with loT cloud interface for residential and communal meters.

  • Cold and hot water hourly / daily / monthly consumption reports for property      managers and residents.
  • Dashboard accessible from any PC connected to the Internet. Offset a balance      sheet for several minutes with no discrepancy.
  • Integration with third -party software is simple with data export to Excel, CSV,      JSON, HTML or with open API.
  • A utility is free from server administration and program setting. The use of      loT-cloud is comfortable and secured with SSH-protoco