Effective parking management enables drivers reducing the frustrations and find free parking space quickly. In addition, it helps to reduce oxygen dioxide emission and minimise traffic jams. Wired car parking sensor systems are pretty costly for installation on a wide area of urban.


loT technology makes a great wireless solution for parking sensors in a single garage or parking lot. Instead of installing wireline acoustic sensors to every space, a less expensive, long life sensor can be buried beneath each parking spot. Using a magnetometer, this device can transmit data when a parking event, the entering or leaving of a spot by a vehicle, occurs. Assuming a parking event occurs every 10 minutes, loT-enabled parking sensors are achieving over a 10 year battery life from a single set of batteries.


Thousands of parking slots under control by long-range wireless car parking system.



Installed parking occupancy sensors send a signal to the base station when a vehicle gets into a parking lot or departs. Base station able to handle signals from millions of sensor in the area and send data to the servers applications. The data from these applications can be utilized right away. loT servers can be connected to a third party’s parking application via loT API.

Smart parking sensor

loT wireless electromagnetic parking sensor clea rly detects parking vehicle maneuvers place of installation.

  •  Signal range 16+ km in the urban environment.
  •  No wires in place of installation required.
  •  No repeaters or in the area of installation required.
  •  Do not need to be accessed for 20 years with high level of autonomy.
  •  Low-cost of installation and zero-cost of maintenance.
  •  Advanced noise reduction techniques filter electromagnetic interference.
  •  Ideal for loT smart parking solutions.

Parking management software

loT Cloud platform shows the aggregated data from parking sensors in the web-based interface. Information for parking management system and end-user application is handled via API.

  •  Interface showing free and occupied parking spaces.
  •  Real-time monitoring of parking occupancy situation from any PC.
  •  API for end-user and management applications.
  •  User friendly interface, access permissions for different user groups.