Smart Parking System



Effective parking management enables drivers reducing the frustrations and find free parking space quickly. In addition, it helps to reduce oxygen dioxide emission and minimise traffic jams. Wired car parking sensor systems are pretty costly for installation on a wide area of urban.


loT technology makes a great wireless solution for parking sensors in a single garage or parking lot. Instead of installing wireline acoustic sensors to every space, a less expensive, long life sensor can be buried beneath each parking spot. Using a magnetometer, this device can transmit data when a parking event, the entering or leaving of a spot by a vehicle, occurs. Assuming a parking event occurs every 10 minutes, loT-enabled parking sensors are achieving over a 10 year battery life from a single set of batteries.

Thousands of parking slots under control by long-range wireless car parking system.


Installed parking occupancy sensors send a signal to the base station when a vehicle gets into a parking lot or departs. Base station able to handle signals from millions of sensor in the area and send data to the servers applications. The data from these applications can be utilized right away. loT servers can be connected to a third party’s parking application via loT API.

Smart parking sensor

loT wireless electromagnetic parking sensor clea rly detects parking vehicle maneuvers place of installation.

  • Signal range 16+ km in the urban environment.
  • No wires in place of installation required.
  • No repeaters or in the area of installation required.
  • Do not need to be accessed for 20 years with high level of autonomy.
  • Low-cost of installation and zero-cost of maintenance.
  • Advanced noise reduction techniques filter electromagnetic interference.
  • Ideal for loT smart parking solutions.

Parking management software

loT Cloud platform shows the aggregated data from parking sensors in the web-based interface. Information for parking management system and end-user application is handled via API.

  • Interface showing free and occupied parking spaces.
  • Real-time monitoring of parking occupancy situation from any PC.
  • API for end-user and management applications.
  • User friendly interface, access permissions for different user groups.

Street Lighting Control

Connected street lights can be remotely controlled by the per-preprogrammed schedule. Such connection also gives rea l-time alerts in case of lighting problem and black-out. This improves public safety by lowering time for fast repair and proper maintenance.


loT integrates radiomodules into streetlight housings and has jointly bid on several large municipal lighting RFPs. lo T solution allows tens of thousands of streetlights to be connected directly to a small set of transceiver base stations. Certain lights can be designated as repeaters to ensure 100% network coverage with a very little additional infrastructure investment. The loT open data structure allows existing streetlight management applications to be seamlessly integrated. Installing a loT network for streetlight management has direct co-benefits with its excess network capacity: municipalities can also add other services, like parking, metering, or logistics over time, with no additional wireless investment.

Intelligent street lighting is more economic and human-friendly.

loT city-wide LPWAN network provides proven loT connectivity to manufacturers of street light controllers and other smart city devices.


loT offers fast and simple lights upgrade process with custom loT solution development program. Integration of the radiomodules would not make the lights price higher but will add advanced loT features.

Integrated lights will be able to send a rea l-time data on lighting status and parameters. Wi reless signal processing and data handling are performed by the base station. Information collected transmits to the main server where it can be utilized for real-time monitoring and management. Remote street lights control are performed from the Cloud Platform.

LED lights with loT radiomodule

Integrated loT radio module or modems bring the long-range connectivity to LED street lights with high scalability and coverage.

  • low-cost integration with LED controllers.
  • 16+ km of range in a harsh urban environment and 50+ km in open country.
  • More than 2 000 000 LED controllers can be handled by the highcapacity gateway.
  • Full -duplex connectivity allows to receive information from street lights in real-time and control the lighting remotely.

Smart lighting application

  • Automatic fa ilure identification, alarms and reports.
  • Remote control and switch on and off schedule .
  • Real-time monitoring of lamp status, voltage, power, current.
  • Data aggregation and drill-down analysis.
  • Complex configurable alarm rules to notify users for significant issues .
  • Multiple types of objects: street lights, sensors, smart meters, loT devices etc.

Smart Fire Extinguisher


loT long-range solution for Fire Extinguisher monitoring allows deploying Fire Extinguisher sensors in wide-area of the entire city with low-cost loT network infrastructure. All sensor data aggregated 1n loT Cloud as soon as sensors installed into Fire Extinguisher.


Integrated in Fire Extinguisher smart sensors sending signal when extinguisher is empty via long-range network. Real-time
information on the level of containers allows to plan track routes more efficiently.

Smart extinguisher sensors need a small data to transmit the information about the container condition and_the lgng-range NB network is ideal for collecting data from distributed infrastructure and maintenance sensors. One loT gateway can handle a thousands of thousands sensors in the urban area saving a cost on sensors in form the operator about the following events: container empty, container movement, scheduled collection.


Smart Gas Cylinder


loT long-range solution for Gas Cylinder monitoring allows deploying Gas Cylinder sensors in wide-area of the entire c1ty with
low-cost loT network infrastructure. All sensor data aggregated in loT Cloud as soon as sensors installed into Gas Cylinder.


Integrated in Gas Cylinder smart sensors sending signal when cylinder is empty via long-range network. Real-time
information on the level of containers allows to plan track routes more efficiently.

IOT Gas Cylinder Sensors Provides:

  • Identification of gas cylinder.
  • Counting of gas cylinders quantity.
  • Type of gas cylinder.
  • Size of the gas cylinder.
  • Location drop point of gas cylinders.
  • Geofencing of gas cylinders within the specified Zone.
  • Alert in the system if the gas cylinder goes outside the Zone

IOT Labs also provides Solution and System to client:

  • Customer online ordering or by phone (offline ordering)
  • Agent user interface for management, real time tracking, control and reporting.
  • Increases the quality of delivery.
  • Monitor distributors, their number of trucks, to the drop points.
  • Agent will notified by the system if there are violations and take reliable action to the incident.
  • Generating reports like number of cylinders delivered in an area with identification, distributors responsible for the gas cylinders, quickness and quality of delivery and log violations like geofencing crossing or gas cylinder mishandling.

Safe Tire Identification


Safe tag is an RFID tag designed for tires for identification and protect tires from counterfeit. Nano-Technology rubber coating for RFID is ideal for tire because of superior performance and durability for all types of environment. Providing tires with RFID tags which can withstand tire speed revolution, under heat, rain, and harmful UV rays.

No buffing and non-abbrasive
on fixing rubber on tire.


  • Nano Technology rubber outlasts laminated paper, ordinary rubber, acrylic and thermoplastic coatings.
  • Creates a shield of protection with Nano-Technology for RFID tags.
  • Engineered for harsh environments.
  • Lightweight and smooth non-abrasive texture.
  • No impact on tire application

The next phase solution of RFID Integrated Labels for tires:

  • Have the same capability of RFID Sticker paper but will be in Silicone rubber.
  • Permanent tracking of tire information will be available even after installation to vehicle.
  • The permanent RFID rubber tag is not abrasive to the tire and the method is a non-buffing method.
  • The tag will last for at least 3 years which will help compliance information to consumers and authorities